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When to seek modifications to child custody

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2022 | Family Law

Courts typically do not make adjustments to child custody orders for just small reasons, but major life events might make it necessary to seek modifications for a custody arrangement.

Courts in Missouri may grant custody modifications if a parent can show that a significant life change has occurred since the original order and that the change will directly affect the child’s well-being.

If one parent plans to move away

If one parent moves away, this will necessitate a modification to a shared custody arrangement. Whether it is the custodial parent who wishes to move the child away or the noncustodial parent who wishes to maintain a meaningful relationship with the child after moving themselves, physical custody and visitation agreements will require modification.

If the health of a parent changes

If the physical or mental health of one parent changes in a way that hinders their ability to care for the child, a modification to the custody order is necessary. The health and safety of the child always come first.

If the health of the child changes

If the child develops an illness or special need after the original custody order, the care the child receives may necessitate a change in custody. If the custodial parent either fails or refuses to seek medical help for the child, but the noncustodial parent is willing and able to access medical assistance, the noncustodial parent can seek a change to the custody order.

These are only a few examples of when modifications to child custody are necessary. Co-parents who have an amicable relationship can work together to amend their custody plan and submit it to the court for approval, while parents who disagree about the best interests of the child may require intervention from the court.