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Modifying Family Law Decisions

Even after a court order is issued or a binding document is notarized and signed as “final,” life circumstances may change and make the established legal status quo untenable. A modification may be necessary to realign legalities with life’s new realities.

At Tomich Law Firm in St. Charles, Missouri, our attorneys help clients pursue new, appropriate modifications to child custody and support orders. They also help clients revise prenuptial and postnuptial agreements (prenups and postnups) and other family law documents as needed.

When A Modification May Be Necessary

Revisiting child custody and support orders will be necessary in certain cases. Divorced parents may grapple with the legal repercussions of:

  • A move that makes an existing custody order unmanageable
  • Either parent’s decline in health and/or income that makes a child support order unsuitable
  • A child’s special needs that come to light after the issuance of child custody and support orders

A spousal maintenance order may be up for modification because of a change such as the remarriage of the recipient spouse. Because these reasons for modifications have to do with court orders, they require a court’s approval.

Some modifications may be accomplished with no involvement by a court. Spouses may opt to revise a prenup or postnup and destroy the previous one when either person:

  • Starts a business
  • Makes large investments
  • Receives an unexpected windfall

What reasons do you have to seek an update to your prenup or postnup? Bring your concerns to your initial consultation at Tomich Law Firm.

Get Astute Advice And Assistance

To discuss your modification hopes and needs with an experienced family law attorney, contact Tomich Law Firm. If one of our lawyers represents you, they will make sure that you understand your rights and help you get the court order or agreement modified appropriately and efficiently.

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