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Divorce For Your Future’s Sake

Just as marriage takes two lives and unites them into one family unit, divorce takes one household and divides it into two. Depending on how long you have been married, many practical and tangible aspects of your life may be intricately intertwined with those of your spouse, even if your relationship has been rocky. Personal property, stock options and business interests are examples of assets that can be difficult to divide equitably. Yet, that is your task in a Missouri divorce. And, if you share children, designing a parenting plan is also essential – and challenging.

At Tomich Law Firm in St. Charles, Missouri, our attorneys are highly experienced and skilled at helping clients arrive at timely, reasonable divorce settlement agreements. They will stand by your side and accompany you through negotiations, mediation or litigation to support:

  • An equitable distribution of assets
  • Appropriate reallocation of ownership of the marital home
  • Determination of spousal maintenance, if applicable
  • Preservation of parental rights in child custody arrangements
  • Calculation and enforcement of child support payments

Our lawyers are committed to guiding you on a path that is likely to obtain the most favorable outcome for you and your children.

Pointers For High – Asset Divorces

In all facets of your divorce, you need to understand legal requirements to follow as well as the most psychologically effective methods to use in pursuing your objectives. For example, your spouse may be determined to keep a certain item of property, such as a boat, jewelry collection or investment property. Knowing of that preference, you can pitch your property division proposal accordingly.

If either or both of you are business owners, you have critical decisions to make regarding:

  • Keeping the business intact and afloat
  • Protecting business partners from losses
  • Agreeing on credible business valuation calculations
  • Taking into account market realities, inflation, business organization and your prenuptial agreement, if you have one

Our competitive and persistent divorce lawyers have a proven track record advocating exactingly for their clients. Settling out of court may be the most beneficial route for you, but our trial lawyers will let your spouse’s legal counsel know that your case is ready to go before a judge if necessary.

For Your Sake, Get Started Now

If you even suspect that divorce is on the way, ask us for insights on divorce planning. If your spouse has served you with a petition for divorce, you must act as soon as possible to protect your interests.

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