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About Paternity Actions In Missouri

If you believe you are the biological father of a child born to someone who is not your wife, you can file a Father’s Petition for Declaration of Paternity, Custody and Support (CAFC301) form with an appropriate family law court. Alternatively, if you have been served with a summons or notice claiming you are the father of a child, you must respond promptly. If you do not, you may be named in a court order known as a Judgment of Paternity (CAFC370) even without your participation.

What about a DNA test? Such a test is available through the state upon request. Sometimes, both parents are satisfied that a father’s identity is sure, even without a DNA test. To discuss the procedures and legal ramifications of a parentage case, contact Tomich Law Firm. Our attorneys are detail-oriented, skilled and compassionate. You can count on clear explanations and trustworthy guidance when you are a client of our family law firm in St. Charles, Missouri.

Why Is Parentage Determination Important?

Everyone’s situation is unique and personal. Whatever your circumstances or perspectives are in a paternity case, you deserve the reassurance of an experienced family law attorney’s reliable guidance. At Tomich Law Firm, we can provide the information and representation that you need.

You may be:

  • The mother of a child born (or soon to be born) outside of marriage who is seeking child support and/or health insurance for your child through the father’s health insurance
  • A presumed father seeking confirmation of your relationship to a child and, possibly, custody or visitation
  • A prospective adoptive parent of a baby, and the determination of paternity is necessary, followed by a termination of the father’s parental rights
  • A biological father of a child in a pending adoption case, wishing to assert your father’s rights to ongoing contact through an open adoption or to delay the adoption while you file your own petition for custody

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The outcome of a paternity case will alter family relationships for years and even generations to come. Our attorneys will take your situation seriously, and we assure you that you can count on their clear direction.

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