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Calculating And Enforcing Child Support

Paying child support is typically a reality for a separated or divorced parent who has a higher income than the other parent, who may have custody most of the time. If you are the parent who will be responsible for paying child support through a court order, you should understand the full scope of your obligation. You need sound legal advice to protect your interests through:

  • Correct calculation of each parent’s income and parenting time, and child support that should be paid according to Missouri’s child support guidelines
  • Documentation of any special circumstances, such as disability or financial hardships that may affect either or both parents
  • Recognition of a child’s requirements for special education, therapy or other costs and logistics factors

At Tomich Law Firm, we represent parents who will need to pay child support as well as parents who should receive monthly payments from their child’s other parent. Once a child support order is in place, it is difficult – though not impossible – to get it modified. Your child support obligations will likely continue until your child is 18 or as long as they remain in secondary school up to age 21. Our attorneys will help ensure that the payments you make or receive are accurate and fair. If payments fall behind, our lawyers can also help you with enforcement efforts.

Our Philosophy About Child Support And Other Family Law Issues

Tomich Law Firm, primarily serving St. Charles and St. Louis counties, has been established for more than 40 years. Our attorneys are experienced, local and community-oriented advocates for parents and children. They remind clients of our firm that both parents share the responsibility of raising a child. They aim to help ensure that your child receives the financial support required for a healthy, happy upbringing.

If our lawyers advise you on child support or any family law issues, you can count on them to be honest and upfront with you. They will not try to hide or water down difficult news that you may need to hear. They want you to have realistic expectations about the legal processes ahead of you and your family life after a separation or divorce.

Professional, Strong Communicators

Our attorneys welcome the opportunity to discuss your child support, child custody or divorce case. We promise to communicate clearly and help you resolve your case in a timely way.

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